Apparently there was some sort of Canadian TV awards show on Saturday night. It drew 303,000 viewers on Global according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. Word is it was held in Calgary. Another 50,000 caught it on Showcase.
Other weekend numbers: Sunday’s Battle of the Blades final skate off drew 1,878,000, bested only by CTV’s always popular Amazing Race (2,619,000) and Desperate Housewives (2,108,000).
TSN scored a touchdown with their CFL playoff coverage, with Calgary/Edmonton pulling 1,394,000 at 3:30 p.m. and B.C./Hamilton drawing 1,357,000 at 1 p.m.
CBC’s my little pony drama Heartland (guest starring Megan Follows) galloped off with 1,278,000 viewers. Global found some early Christmas cheer with the Santa Claus Parade (812,000).
Saturday, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada netted 1,808,000 for the Leafs-Flames tilt.
Friday it was Flashpoint again on top with 1,753,000 followed by the CTV Evening News at 1,594,000. Ron James roped in just under 700,000 at 8 on CBC, with the fifth estate doing 663,000.
Further down on this Friday the 13th, The National found 490,000 viewers at 10 and just 361,000 at 10:25–ranking it for the night behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Teletoon (363,000).


  1. Hey, the Geminis got more viewers than some of the shows being honoured – not so bad. It might not have made a huge difference to ratings but I can’t fathom why Global didn’t air it live across all time zones. Here in PDT they showed reruns of The Jane Show, etc. until 9 pm came around and I’d already posted the media release of the winners. Us poor Pacific Coasters, deprived of all that live excitement.

  2. Yeah, Bill, sometimes when you report the numbers as the horserace and don’t give the context you make the very argument the Can Nets always had for not releasing them in the first place.

    350 000 viewers watching the Geminis in a Saturday night dead zone is not terrible. It’s at least 100 000, Maybe 150 000 more than I thought they’d get. And isn’t that way up over last year on the E! stations?

    And what besides Hockey gets numbers on Sat night? who the heck is watching conventional TV?

    350 000 I’m sure is more than Jpod and MVP and TPB and a couple others were getting at the end.

  3. Bill, I know it’s niche but do you know what the 30for30 docs on TSN got?
    The Band That Wouldn’t Die on Friday and Small Potatoes on Saturday.

  4. The new portable people meters are boosting anything that is a live event. The Geminis had to go up this year.
    The show still finished 49th for the night in Canada, behind not just Hockey Night in Canada but Global’s 11:30 airing of SNL, reruns of Family Guy and The Simpsons on Global, Disney’s Jonas, Teletoon’s Foster’s Home and Family’s Zeke & Luther. It did squeaze in ahead of Cash Cab on Discovery. There’s your context, Denis.
    My beef with the Geminis is that it is never anybody’s priority as a TV show. Year after year, the only thing that matters to this academy when it comes to this show is asses in the seats on banquet nights at $250 a pop. I’m sure it’s a great party if you’re there, but as an industry showcase, it is a succession of lost opportunities.

  5. The other context is that through a series of bad decisions the Geminis have moved from being on CBC on a Sunday night in March, where it did decent numbers, to Global on a Saturday night in November.

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