Scott pushes the “Save Local TV”/”Stop The TV Tax” button on this week’s installment of TV Talk on the radio with CHML’s Scott Thompson. By the end of my rant on these shameless fraud campaigns, I start sounding like Don Cherry after somebody picks on Dougie or Bobby. You can listen in here.
There are also some tales from St. John’s and more on that upcoming Newfoundland-based CBC series The Republic of Doyle. It stars Allan Hawco (ZOS: Zone of Separation) and begins in January. And Scott wants to know if I’m turned on by Marge Simpson on the cover of the current issue of Playboy. Hell yes! There’s also some talk about who was the hotter Flintstones MiLF, Betty or Wilma. Scott confesses to a fantasy involving the two of them together. Radio at its finest.

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