This week’s podcast catches Fly Boy between destinations. I start out telling my CHML buddy Scott Thompson all about my trip to Yellowknife last week to visit the Buffalo Airways boys. Son of a gun if two of the dudes–Mikey McBryan and Scotty Blue–weren’t in Toronto this week promoting the series premiere of Ice Pilots NWT (Wednesday night at 10/9c on History Television). And where were they enjoying a few brewskies Monday night? The Pilot by Yorkville of course.
You can hear ace Buffalo Air pilot Scotty tell CFNY’s Dean Blundell all about how he has to squeeze his 6-foot-7 frame into a CF-56 tomorrow morning on ‘NY. Or you can just listen in here as I explain how the whole series is a lot like American Choppers go Airbourne to Thompson.
It was a balmy -14C when I was in Yellowknife last week, but the folks at BA couldn’t have been warmer, with Scotty looping around the snow-filled streets in one of those wacky paramedic jeeps crafty old “Buffalo” Joe McBryan saved from the scrap heap. If it has wings or wheels in the Northwest Territories, Buffalo Joe either owns it or has his eye on it.
As I type this, I’m at Toronto’s Pearson airport waiting to depart on AA 1553 to Los Angeles. This won’t be a trip on a WWII-era DC-3–that glide over Great Slave Lake to Hay River was dream-like–but your regular commercial aircraft to LAX. Have to admit it was strange boarding a 737 out of Yellowknife to Edmonton last Thursday–felt like I was stepping onto a moon rocket after the 70-year-old bush plane adventure.
Heading down to Beverly Hills to mingle with the folks behind The Pacific, the big-budget HBO miniseries from Band of Brothers executive producers Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg. The 10-hour series rolls in March (on both HBO and HBO Canada) and naturally focuses on the Pacific theatre, where more than a few DC-3s probably wound up in the drink. I’ll cue it all up in a feature in an upcoming issue of Astral’s Movie Entertainment Magazine.

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