BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Since TV Feeds My Family, TV’s that look like apples have to be a good thing, right?
Spotted these nifty little TV screens at this shop called Hannspree (420 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills). The display from the street is a knockout: these colourful leather and plastic apples TV sets are stacked all the way up one wall. At first I thought it was an Apple store, but Hannspree has no connection with the computer giant. The store is loaded with fun stuff, with the focus more on design than any kind of state-of-the-art functionality.
Sales consultant Andrew Burt gave me the 20, pointing out the giant wall of L.A. Laker sets and Dodger TVs with real leather cowhide and stitching (you can apparently order these suckers in the NBA or MLB team of your choice). There are sets made out of wood, shaped like kid’s trucks and toys or even animals like Pandas and giraffes.
The coolest tube may be the giant molded Batman TV, one of only 13 made, which accounts for the Gothan-sized price tag–$13 grand! Holy Beverly Hills birthday present! The other sets are surprisingly inexpensive, as are several digital frames in the store. Burt says the company is coming out with a new line of digital screens. There are plenty of more conventional looking flat screens on display, some with surround sound speakers that have to be heard to be believed. Hannspree goodies are sold all over the world and are available in Canada ; get more information here.
You’ll find Hannspree right next to a Beverly Hills landmark: Nate & Als (414 North Beverly Drive). Had breakfast at the well known deli, which dates back to 1945 in the ritzy neighbourhood.
Turns out Al Mendelson was a Russian who immigrated to Toronto in the ’20s. He moved on to Detroit, partnered with Nate Reimer, opened a deli and headed west. The low-key eatery quickly became a Hollywood hot spot.
Mix of older regulars and younger dudes talking three-picture deals or an improv booking hang out at the restaurant. The wall by the door is covered with framed citations from the city declaring “Nate & Al” days, etc. You can also buy a copy of frequent diner Larry King’s latest book by the door.
The deli counter is loaded with kippers, lox and Nova Scotia Salmon. A plate of thick, juicy pickles gets plunked down at the table before you even order. If the old leather booth seats could talk, they’d say try the thick barley broth soup; the shredded hash browns are light and tasty, too. The web site lists ’em all.

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  1. Wish I had known about that TV store a few weeks ago when I was in L.A. And the deli too, actually.

    Hopefully I’ll remember to check this post when I’m back there on Oscar weekend!

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