Was asked to contribute to a three hander that appeared Sunday in the Toronto Star. “Who is at fault in Canadian TV debate?” goes the headline.
The answer, the way The Star sees it, can be split three ways. I say the networks put themselves in financial peril by years of unconscionable overspending on American content. Denis McGrath says cable and satellite providers do not deserve our sympathy for years for shoddy service despite the luxury of having a monopoly in the marketplace. Sunday entertainment editor Garnet Fraser suggests maybe we all should look in the mirror for saying we want local TV while we spend most of our time gorging on as much greasy American fare as our eyeballs will hold.
There`s truth in all three. Follow the rest of the story here.


  1. “satellite providers do not deserve out sympathy”

    Er, “our”. (Sorry. It’s a genetic defect.)

    I agree with you. For whatever that’s worth.

  2. hey bill i agree that tv networks have been going crazy buying up american shows just hoping against hope to find the next 24, house or desperate houswives, but the reality is 97% of scipted shows from the main 4 network {acording to an article i read last year} get cancelled in the first year, very few become hits, that is why we keep getting so many csi and law an order spinoffs. maybe canada will luck out and we will get csi Toronto although with our luck it will be as successful as canadian idol.

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