CBS Melts Frosty Image with Eyelab Gem

Saw this over at Denis McGrath’s Dead Things on Sticks and had to post it here. The folks at CBS’ eyelab have done it again with “Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman 2009”:

The CBS interactive dudes have been creatively interactive for years. One of my first posts here two years ago was an early Frosty mash up where the message was, “Frosty Returns, and this time it’s personal.”
CBS gets that the best way to get the holiday programming message out to the Internet community is to share it and embed it. That they also offer stuff worth sharing doesn’t hurt either. This clip, of course, snatches actual sound bites from How I Met Your Mother with the 40-year-old Rankin-Bass Christmas special Frosty the Snowman. It’s the kind of subversive little stunt some punk on the Internet might pull and post on the sly. The fact it comes from a corporate giant like CBS-Paramount shows a can’t-beat-’em-join-‘en playfulness that makes the old Tiffany network look cool. Talk about the Christmas miracle!

5 Responses to “CBS Melts Frosty Image with Eyelab Gem”

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  2. Also, I wonder if CBS will have to put up with any Friendly-Giant-type whining from annoying heirs.

    Really funny though.

  3. Funny stuff but a reminder of just how terrible ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is.
    At least somebody found some use for that dialogue.
    It’s funny when a snowman says it but Good Lord!
    Calvin & Scott


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