Fan of vintage late night talk shows? Here’s one you may have missed:

Jimmy Kimmel sure is a good sport. The Dick Rossi Show is up over at Funny or Die, check out all three clips (especially “The Amazing Marco,” it really is to die). Rossi is played by comedian Jeff Caserio, a stand up veteran who has appeared on Letterman and Tonight and at one time wrote for the ultimate late night parody, The Larry Sanders Show. The Dick Rossi Show nails the early Carson-era cool right down to “Spats” (instead of Skitch) Henderson, that Ed Ames errant tomahawk throw, the skinny black ties and all the booze and cigarettes. Love that busty all-girl band, if only Leno had thought of that. Great stuff, right up there with the SCTV classic, The Sammy Maudlin Show.

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