For the next few days, the only numbers that really matter are a) what’s left in that account, b) what time does the mall close and c) how many days do I have to return it?
Still, some of you come here for TV numbers so Santa is happy to deliver.
SUNDAY’S NUMBERS: Not sure if these new PPMs are actually helping or hurting the annual Xmas tally. CBC’s airing of Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas found 1,009,000 Who’s watching down in Whoville Sunday night. The follow-up National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which seems to have been airing every three hours on AMC, lit up 858,000 viewers according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. A “Christmas Confidential” Doc Zone at 11 on CBC fell to 157,000.
CTV’s “Shrek The Third” did 1,012,000, with the less Christmas-y “Bourne Supremacy” averaging 990,000. CTV’s National News was ho-ho-holding strong at 1,303,000 at 11.
The big winner on the night was the finale of Survivor Samoa at 2,797,000 from 8-10 p.m. on Global, the highest-rated Survivor finale in years in Canada. The 10 p.m. reunion hour brought another 2,391,000 over to Global.
On City, 517,000 saw Pittsburgh shade Green Bay in a late Sunday afternoon game.
SATURDAY NUMBERS: Hockey Night in Canada scored 1,876,000 Leaf fans as Toronto finally solved Boston. Another 729,000 stuck around for the Oilers/Capitals tilt. CTV found diminishing returns for Rankin Family and Muppet holiday specials, both drawing under 400,000 in repeat airings. A late night airing of the Barbara Stanwyck classic Christmas in Connecticut drew 145,000.
Global sat out another Saturday night with rerun mush until Saturday Night Live kicked in 454,000 at 11:30. Sportsnet drew 649,000 nationally with a Dallas/New Orleans rare Saturday night NFL game.
FRIDAY NUMBERS: CBC found 1,223,000 movie viewers who were Home Alone Friday night. CTV got less than half that for a Michael Bubble special (513,000) at 10 following the movie Playing for Keeps at 8 (551,000). Global went 527,000, 576,000 and 627,000 for Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Numb3rs. TSN scored big with Toronto/Buffalo hockey (855,000) at 7:30 followed by Vancouver/Washington at 10 (874,000). At 5, YTV cast a spell over nearly 700,000 with an episode of Fairly Odd Parents.

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