With all the noises over at Letterman and Leno this fall, Conan O’Brien has quietly been cranking out the funniest hour in late night. Check out Friday’s surprise Tonight Show appearance by frequent target Sarah Palin:

A great example of how O’Brien can take a joke in any direction. I sat in O’Brien’s studio audience last August and saw William Shatner make one of his Palin Twitter teases. For the uninitiated, Shatner has come on Tonight several times and read the former Alaska governor’s twitters or passages from her book Going Rouge. To land Palin to come on the show, turn the tables and kid Captain Kirk was one hell of a comedy payoff. Good show.


  1. You got to see Shatner when you saw the show live? In October, I was stuck with KATHY GRIFFIN as the lead guest, and no surprise guest stars at all. :

    Then again, in all the late night tapings I’ve attended (Leno’s Tonight Show, Kimmel, Ferguson twice, Conan’s Late Night 3 times, Letterman, Colbert, and The Daily Show), the “biggest” guest was probably Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart… BEFORE the first movie came out.

    Regardless, I’m envious, being fans of both Conan AND Shatner.

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