If you missed Craig Ferguson’s loopy 1000th episode of The Late, Late Show last night, the whole thing was done with puppets. Watch:

Ferguson joked that he is just “CBS’s puppet whore” anyway so turning the show over to Wavy and the other Late Late Show puppet friends seemed about right. Kudos to guests Jason Schwartzman, Maria Bello, Jason Kristin Bell and The Broken West for playing along. Congrats to Craig and Company, 1000 hours is a hell of a TV milestone, here’s to thousands more.


  1. “Bitch, I will EAT you…”

    I cannot remember laughing so hard at anything in Late Night. Ferguson is INSANE. This needs to be a yearly treat, I think.

  2. I like Ferguson a lot, but I was rather unimpressed with the 1000th show.

    Jason Segal’s Dracula song from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was great, but the interviews were awkward. Craig (as Wavy) asked Schwartzmann a lot of the same questions he did the LAST time he was on the show, and the Maria Bello and Kristen Bell interviews were far too short.

    It was a cute gimmick, but I was hoping for a bit more, I guess. C’est la vie.

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