Short, O’Hara Make Dramatic TV Turns

There was a time when Martin Short (above right) and Catherine O’Hara used to mock comedians in dramatic roles. They’d appear on those old SCTV “Days of the Week” episodes and take the mickey out of melodrama.It is a measure of just how talented these actors are that they can slip into some intensely dramatic… Read on

Spectacular Set Doomed Dollhouse

Tonight, Dollhouse gets folded up and put away for keeps. The series finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox and Global.Seems only yesterday creator Joss Whedon was taking critics on a tour of the gigantic set for this series. There were two TCA treks out to the Dollhouse sound stage on the Fox lot.… Read on

Kimmel Sheds No Tears for “Robot” Jay

Jay Leno’s long, national nightmare is far from over. Loving every moment of it is Jimmy Kimmel. ABC’s midnight man is the jester, on the sidelines, making the most out of the whole NBC mess. Thursday night, he pounced on Leno`s Oprah appearance, featuring clips from the popular daytime talk show of Leno looking all… Read on

Jaw dropping: Leno on Oprah

Conan O’Brien asked us not to be cynical. Jay Leno is really putting that to the test.Leno’s performance on Thursday’s Oprah was all about rehabilitation. Leno got hammered over the Tonight Show do-over, the worst public pounding of his professional career. A lot of the negative press he didn’t deserve. Thy guy did have The… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Bloody Spartacus Rant

This week’s CHML podcast finds me still spitting blood over Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The graphic comic book adventure (airing Fridays in Canada on TMN/Movie Central and Mondays on Starz in the U.S.) stars John Hannah and Lucy Lawless (right) and buckets and buckets of blood. CHML’s Scott Thompson seems amused at the cheeky salute… Read on

I Will Not Stand Up for this Bloody Spartacus

Covering television on a deadline sometimes leads to pain, suffering and emotional distress. Case in point: Spartacus: Blood and Sand.The sword and sandal epic just premiered and airs Monday at 9 on The Movie Channel/Movie Central in Canada. It originates Fridays at 10 p.m. on the cable channel Starz in the U.S.I had to file… Read on

“Can Idol hit right notes without Simon?”

Can American Idol continue to be TV’s No. 1 show without the man we all love to hate, Simon Cowell? That was one of the big questions after Fox dropped this bomb during press tour: that an agreement had been reached to allow Cowell to leave Idol after this season in order to launch an… Read on

“Lost” Supper Found at ABC Media Site

ABC has just posted this spectacular, “Last Supper”-like photo of the cast of Lost on their media page. (Shot by Bob D’Amico.) Wish there was some way to spread this the width of this site to do it justice but if you double click on it you’ll see a bigger image at least. The sixth… Read on