PASADENA, Calif.–NBC Chairman Jeff Gaspin came straight out Sunday and addressed the big breaking story of press tour—yes, Howie Mandel will be replacing David Hasselhoff as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.”
Actually there was a bigger story, something to do with Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien and NBC affiliates flipping out and forcing Gaspin’s hand. Gaspin was prepared to live with one or two defections but after speaking with key members of the affiliate board quickly realized he had a mass revolt on his hands. Read all about it in this story I filed Sunday for

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  1. So far nobody is talking about how the NBC moves will affect programming in Canada.

    So here’s a question for you…

    Jay Leno currently simulcasts at 10pm on CITY. If it moves later, does CITY move their own late news to keep it — and what fills the remaining late half hour and the earlier hour?

    Meanwhile, Conan simulcasts at 11:30 on “A” Channel. Does it now come on later, ie: halfway through Letterman? And what does “A” tap dance with for a half hour between their late news and the new start time?

    Gee, these guys might actually have to produce some local TV!!!

    Will they?

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