Conan, Leno Late Night War Gets Animated

Finally, it all makes sense thanks to this hilarious Hong Kong News animated interpretation of NBC’s screw up in late night. O’Brien jumped all over this on Tuesday night’s show, another outstanding hour as O’Brien continues to go out in a blaze of glory. “Hello, I’m Conan O’Brien,” he began Tuesday’s show, “and I’m just three days away from the biggest drinking binge in history.” He added that he’d spent the day on Universal Theme Park’s new ride, “the tunnel of litigation.”
Computer-animated versions of David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker are all in on the ‘toon smackdown in the nutty Hong Kong video.
Continuing the joke that he’s legally prohibited from saying anything bad about NBC, O’Brien proceeded to take his shots in Spanish, with the on-screen captioning reading, “NBC is run by brainless goats who eat money and crap trouble.”
He then mimed a Guy Cabalero-like network exec, petting the head of a kitty while operating his wheelchair. Priceless.
Finally, he addressed rumours that NBC will prevent O’Brien from taking signature bits like Triumph the Insult Comedy dog with him to whereever he goes next (Fox). “Isn’t it great to live in a country,” O’Brien observed, “where a cigar-smoking dog puppet and a bear that masturbates are considered intellectual property?”
Please NBC, drag this contract thing out as long as possible, late night has never been funnier.

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