On with Donna Skelly and Lawrence Diskin tonight on CHCH’s [email protected]:30. The topic? What else, the whole crazy Conan O’Brien saga and the fallout in late night television. I’m still down in Pasadena on the press tour, here another week, so doing this over the phone while they hopefully put up a photo of someone better looking. The show repeats again tonight at 11:30 (opposite, yes, that’s right, Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show).
Thursday night at 9 p.m. on CBC is the season three finale of The Border (featuring Grace Park, above). I haven’t had a chance to screen it but understand it is a doozy, a fictional take on the MS 13 gang operating inside Canada.
The Border doesn’t get the lift some other CBC shows have been getting this season, making do with soft lead-ins like Doc Zone. Some would say it’s been treated worse than an NBC affiliate after Leno.
Stuck in a killer timeslot, opposite CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy, Border ratings have slipped below the half million mark nationally some weeks. The Border is probably borderline for renewal, so give this well-made, well-acted Canadian series a second look Thursday night. A competitive 600,000 to 700,000 number would give CBC programming executives something to think about.


  1. Thanks for the props Bill but have everybody watch Thursday not tonight … By the way, the season average for the Border is still over 500,000 despite the extremely weak lead ins … usually something different every week

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