PASADENA, Calif.—Critics gathered in a meeting room at the press tour hotel Sunday night to live blog the Golden Globes awards (hosted by Ricky Gervais, right). While all awards shows bore me to tears, it is fun to sit in with other journalists who are stuck filing on all this nonsense just for all the snarky comments. Overheard Sunday night: grey beard William Hurt looks like a homeless man, Cher`s face has settled into a nice Avatar-like naturalness. Can I get Chloe Sevigny’s dress/fitted sheet collection in a 280 thread count?
Loved Tom Hanks opening line about rain on the red carpet. NBC was going to have it rain at 10 p.m., he quipped, but tried to move it back to 11:35. Funny.
Read Nikke Finke’s bitchy live GG blog here at Deadline Hollywood Daily. Andrew Ryan, who was liveblogging in the critics room for the Globe and Mail, has his wry take here.
The Award show was a hit on CTV according to BBM Canada overnight estimates, drawing an average audience of just under three million Canadians. The eighth season premiere of 24 drew 1,373,000 on Global opposite the Globes.
The cast of Glee should still be plenty gleeful when critics arrive on their set Monday as part of an intense swing through several studio tours. Glee won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy series. The large, ensemble cast could be heard whooping it up all through Martin Scorsese’s special award acceptance speech Sunday night. Haven’t any of them seen Goodfellas?

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