PASADENA, Calif.–There were many ways to celebrate Toronto-native Nina Dobrev’s 21st birthday Saturday at The CW’s afternoon press tour session for The Vampire Diaries. You could enjoy a Vampire Diaries “Love Sucks” mint. You could apply some “VPF 1,000 Sunscream.” You could clean your teeth with some “Fang Floss.”
All were up for grabs at the “Vampire Diaries Bloody Mary cocktail reception” following the session.
The network themed the Langham Hotel and Spa mingle area outside the main ballroom with eerie birch bark trees, crows perched on top of monitors and tiny cardboard coffins stuffed with goodies. Wandering the event were Dobrev and the other stars from The Vampire Diaries, including blood brothers Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.
Dobrev was wished a happy birthday by one reporter, prompting executive producer Kevin Williamson to say, “you can go get a beer.”
“Don’t worry, I will,” said Dobrev.
On the series, Dobrev’s character Elena has ditched her vampire-buster bracelet, so “she’s very vulnerable,” said Dobrev. Next episode, “there’s going to be a lot more of Damon and Elena,” she added. The alone time leads to “a little bit of an adventure,” continues Williamson. “We’re going to explore how their relationship develops on its own terms without Stefan there to guide it or get in the middle of it.”
Whatever. I’m still watching Vampire Diaries with the sound off. The producers also said they’re adding a juggler to the series because that’s the kind of entertainment vampires like–something in a juggler vein.
In real news, it was announced that Dobrev will soon be joined by another Toronto girl on the series, Mia Kirshner (The L-Word, 24).

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