PASADENA, Calif.–Here’s the solution: Jay Leno moves to Canada.
After all the turmoil-in-late-night-headlines, The Jay Leno Show pulled 525,000 viewers Monday night on City stations in Canada, well up over the usually 350,000.
Yet in the U.S. on NBC, Leno barely budged, doing 4.8 million.
Still, even with the bump, Leno was barely Top-30 for the night according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. CTV won the night with a show they should have had on the mother network all along, Two and a Half Men. It edged Global’s mighty House 2,,281,000 to 2,168,000 (although House won the night 25-54 with 1,142,000 viewers). New CTV slide-over Big Bang Theory was right behind with 2,099,000 viewers. CSI: Miami did 1,968,000. That crazy CTV Evening News drew 1,837,000 in the supper hour.
City had a strong night with The Bachelor (1,036,000). CBC rookie 18 to Life had a solid second outing with 802,000, far outpacing its Littiler Mosque (473,000).
The National News race: Global at 5:30: 1,234,000, CTV at 11: 1,175,000; CBC at 10/10:25 543,000/478,000.


  1. Please, dear God no. We don’t want that big chinned unfunny failure here. I’m sure CityTV would love to get out of the contract too, Jay was drawing flies most nights. Leno should stop screwing over people who are far more talented than he ever was and just retire. He thought everyone would love him in primetime but he failed miserably. Somebody tell NBC that’s Jay’s fault (and their own for being so stupid in the first place) not Conan’s.

    Amazing that Two and a Half Men can gain 1 million viewers just by switching from A Channel to CTV. I never thought that so many people just watch whatever is on that channel.

    Bill, do you have the numbers for the premiere of Chuck on Sunday? It did big numbers in the US so I’m wondering if it also increased here.

  2. Chuck did 469,000 Sunday on City, 20th place on the night in Canada and just ahead of the CBC movie “Shake hands with the Devil.” Heartland did 1,109,000.

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