Mr Chow Gets Press Tour Off to a Wild Start

You know that guy Mr. Chow from The Hangover? Maybe you recognize Ken Jeong from his role as the Spanish teacher on NBC’s Community. Jeong put on a show for critics Friday on Day One of the January TCA press tour in Los Angeles. Critics were shuttled down from the host hotel in Pasadena to Paramount Studios sound stages 31 and 32 where Community, which stars Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, is shot. After a rollicking press tour session, Jeong and co-star Donald Glover launched into an impromptu dance from “West Side Story.” Jeong seems to have brought a whole new robotic vibe to the deal.

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  1. LOVE Donald Glover (Jeong ain’t too shabby himself). I’m hoping to interview Glover in the next couple weeks, as my site has named him our 2009 comedian of the year (2008’s title went to Aziz Ansari).

    Did you get to speak with him on set?


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