PASADENA, Calif.–Tons going on here at press tour today, with CBS entertainment president Niona Tassler and everybody else weighing in on NBC’s Leno/O’Brien predicament. Jerry Bruckheimer, here today to promote his new medical series Miami Medical, said he’s happy to see another five hours a week are about to flip back to the drama side. Tomorrow will be a feeding frenzy, with NBC programmers stepping before critics.
So don’t forget The Simpsons airs its 450th episode Sunday at 8, followed by the doc celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series at 8:30 (In 3-D! On Ice!). The Morris Spurlock hour is worth seeing, if not as edgy as some of us had hoped it might be.
The episode at 8 is a funny one, with Krusty at centre stage; stick around for the final message right before the credits. It is a hilarious FU to Fox in the best Simpsons tradition.
For more on The Simpsons 20th, check out the feature I wrote for CP on the 20th anniversary programming, picked up here in the Toronto Star.

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