PASADENA, Calif.–CBS stepped up as host network for the first full day of press tour, and not all the questions were about Jay Leno and Charlie Sheen. There was a bit of Canadian news, too, some good, some delayed.
CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler (right) announced that Miami Medical had won the lottery for the post-Medium slot Friday nights starting April 2–leaving The Bridge still hovering over troubled waters. Both The Bridge and Flashpoint, two CTV/CBS co-productions seeded during the dark days of the writers strike, had been angling for the slot left vacant when CBS cut back on its order of fading Friday night drama Numb3rs. Posted more on this from today’s sessions for The Canadian Press, you can check out the details here.
Another Canadian angle popped up this afternoon as CBS handed off the press tour ballroom to its premium cable channel Showtime. Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt announced that as The Tudors heads into its final season (“We’ve run out of wives,” joked Greenblatt), a new historical series has been ordered. The Borgias, starring Jeremy Irons, will take over from The Tudors on Showtime in the spring of 2011. Neil Jordan will direct this look at the infamous Italian Renaissance family.
The Tudors is a Can-Am-Brit co-production. Greenblatt says there will be a Canadian network partner behind The Borgias, too, but it’s still apparently a jump ball between CBC and CTV.

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