Border Closed, Republic Endures

Shhh–while everybody was busy watching the gold medals pile up and getting ready for Sunday’s sure to be record-breaking hockey tilt, CBC quietly renewed Republic of Doyle and canceled The Border.Etan Vlessing, who always has these things first, broke the news Friday in the Hollywood Reporter.Allan Hawco’s retro-ish detective romp Republic of Doyle broke big… Read on

Michael J. Fox’s Great Olympic Moment

Call me a schmaltzy old rink rat, but this is moving on so many levels. Michael J. Fox–not Terry Fox as NBC mis-identified him earlier these Games–playing shinny as Team Canada’s greatest goals are celebrated. Featured on CTV’s Olympic broadcast earlier this week, you can bet it will be re-broadcast right before or during the… Read on

Talk About “Sharing The Podium”

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a flying camel spin is just a…whoa! The horn dogs at have assembled “The 40 Most Sexual Photos from the Olympics.” See them all here, and, yes, there is a shot of those beer-swillin’ Canadian hockey lassies.

Let The Post-Olympic TV Games Begin

If you’ve been watching the Olympics (and you have) you can’t help but notice promos for upcoming shows on CTV and NBC. And, no, CTV doesn’t have a new sitcom about a couple of talking cars. Don’t even joke.(By the way–those GM talking cars ads could have been far less annoying and way more effective… Read on

Survivor 20 Week Three: Heroes Get Dirty

Survivor was up against the Women’s hockey final Thursday night so I missed it. The good news is Canada won.Fortunately, I remembered to PVR Survivor, which if you don’t know by now airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Global—just as it has this entire century.The immunity challenge was some sort of kinky mud wrestling event… Read on

Craig Ferguson Channels Tom Snyder

This week, Craig Ferguson became a late night talk show host.Yes, I know, he’s been a late night talk show host for five years and 1000 shows. He’s gone through three or four different intros and a box full of puppets. But on the show that aired early Wednesday morning, Ferguson became a late night… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Olympic Stretch Drive

CHML’s Scott Thompson wants to know if anybody is watching anything on TV other than the Olympics. The answer is no–even mighty American Idol lost in its timeslot in the U.S. for the first time ever last Wednesday opposite NBC’s coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter games. Idol rebounded Tuesday night, however, with a… Read on