The Jay Leno bashing continues, this time in a cross border swipe from the folks at 22 Minutes. That’s Mark Critch behind the chin; he’s got Leno right down to his blue denim shirts. Stick around for the “Headlines” gags, they are pretty close to the bone. Catch the whole show tonight at 8:30 on CBC. And look for Leno to retaliate by goofing on Danny Williams’ bum ticker later in the week.


  1. Bill, here is how to fix, the messed layout when you embed Youtube videos.

    The width of your post column is 410 pixels, the width of the youtube video you embedded is 640 pixels. Therefor it overlaps.

    When you embed Youtube videos, click on the little gear box button beside the embed code, this will give you different options for the size of the embedded video window, select the smallest one, this will update the embed code, and then copy and paste the new code with the smaller video size.

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