Survivor 20 Week Two: Rob Dies, Not Really

In Week Two, Boston Rob was near death after eating a bad burrito or something. Jeff Probst gave him a foot massage and that seemed to help, except then Rob started hallucinating. “I respect it too much not to play,” he babbled, red eyes blazing, before pointing at the sky and shouting, “Da planes! Da planes!”
Rob snapped out of it just in time to help the Villains win another immunity challenge. These challenge deals seem extra lame now that the Olympics are on. After watching Shaun White corkscrew a mile in the air on a snowboard, well, who cares about fame sucking weasels pushing building blocks around in the sand?
Then James went berserk and threatened to kill any of his tribemates who didn’t vote Stephanie off the island. Then I switched to the hockey game for about half an hour. What the hell?? Switzerland?? A shoot out??
Canada won, 3-2. I switched back to Survivor but it was over. But I tell ya, Boston Rob is this whole show. He’s over his “crybabyitis” and is back to his bad guy self. If they vote him off next week, this show is in a deeper hole than Team Canada.

Amber Dowling (TV Guide Canada): What constitutes a hero anyhow? Tom, frequently touted by Jeff Probst as one of the greatest winners of all time, was a righteous fuddy duddy — and hypocrite — last night. Read the rest of her recap here.

Michael Bolen (The National Post): “Thursday night’s episode succinctly presented two of the game’s most durable truisms. 1. Brains are always better than brawn and 2. “Perception is not reality, reality is reality.” You can read the rest of Bolen’s recap here.

Kat Angus ( “You know it’s a good episode of Survivor when Boston Rob collapsing is merely the amuse bouche before the delicious main course. But before we get to the filet mignon, let’s talk about Rob’s medical emergency, a moment that rang a little false.” You can read the rest of Angus’ recap here.

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