CHML’s Scott Thompson was still buzzing about Jimmy Kimmel’s all out assault on Jay Leno for boo-hooing about getting all beat up over the NBC screw up to Oprah. All eyes now will be on how Leno performs when he returns as host of The Tonight Show on March 1. Look for a strong opening night, but I expect 20% of Leno’s old late night audience will have moved on to other options. Meanwhile there’s word that Conan O’Brien and Fox have have begun talks. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch spilled the beans himself earlier this week during a quarterly shareholders report. Fox–which has an agreement with its affiliates to muscle in with a talk show–will still have to prove to local markets that they can make more money with Coco at 11 or 11:35 than they can with reruns of Family Guy.
Scott also asked about those Super Bowl ads we won’t get to see in Canada Sunday (although most are easily viewable on the Internet). CBS has sold out their Super Bowl broadcast, despite long time sponsor Pepsi ditching the big NFL draw this season. You can listen in here.

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