Barbie Mad for Don Draper in Doll Devotion –

Okay, don’t pretend you don’t want them. They are the new Mattel Barbie Collection Mad Men dolls, the ultimate convergence of marketing meets hip cool retro show about marketing.
From Mattel, Lionsgate and AMC, they’ll be available in July (and you can eventually order them here).
That’s classic Barbie-proportioned Joan Holloway above left in the purple skirt suit with signature pen necklace. On her right, silver fox Roger Sterling in his monogrammed shirt. Ad stud Don Draper comes with a fedora and overcoat, while estranged wife Betty Draper shows off her faux pearl necklace and pumps. (Dress an old Ken doll up as her divorce attorney.)
Cigarettes sold separately. There are no tiny cocktail glasses in the collection either–Barbie has her reputation! The first season of Mad Men, incidentally, was originally set in March of 1960; Barbie made her debut in March of 1959.
The set will retail for U.S.$74.95. Read Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner‘s reaction to the homage here in the New York Times.
The dolls were designed by Barbie designer Robert Best and between 7000 and 10,000 of each doll will be produced. You can find one of four Mad Men Barbie doll sketches in the Mad Men Season Three DVD set, which went on sale today. Order the dolls now in case CTV does not use the new CRTC carriage fee loot it can already smell to spring for Season Four of the series, which is due to arrive on AMC in July–same month the dolls go on sale. Sounds like a the kind of attention to detail that got the guys at Sterling Cooper to the top.

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