This Week’s Podcast: What’s Big In Brazil –

On this week’s podcast, CHML’s Scott Thompson wants to know about my recent trip to Los Angeles to cover the Warner Bros. International TV press tour. The big lesson for me was how excited some members of the foreign press were about shows that are off my radar here, such as Supernatural–which is apparently quite big in Brazil. Then shows that are of more interest in North America–especially sitcoms like the Big Bang Theory and The Middle–are not such a big deal in Germany and Sweden.
Scott brings up something I missed–Harry Smith’s live colonoscopy performed on the Today Show earlier this week. And he repeats David Letterman’s joke that during the whole procedure they were finally able to find Conan. HBO’s tremendous new WWII miniseries The Pacific gets discussed, and I sneak in a story posted in greater detail below about Joel Gretsch and his Olympic moment with Captain Kirk. You can listen in here.


  1. Hey Bill, any chance you might get back into the habit of publishing the ratings for Canadian shows on a regular basis?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Exploring new ways to report numbers on a regular basis on a site redesign to launch in the coming months. In the meantime, if there is a show number you want, just request it in the comments.

  3. Cool, thanks Bill. Interested to see if the new CTV shows are holding their initial big audiences. (Bridge last week, Hiccups/Dan this week.)

    And how about the Kids in the Hall in their finale this week?

    Looking forward to the redesign.

  4. Hiccups and Dan For Mayor both had such an enormous launch that the fall off since then seems steep. The three week track: Hiccups 3/1 1899. 3/8 1156 3/15 913. Dan: 3/1 1915 3/8 1108 3/15 772. Look for both shows to stabilize in week four Monday, but losing half the audience in three weeks is troubling.
    The Bridge did 880 last Friday night, losing in its timeslot to already canceled Numb3rs on Global (1142).

  5. Oops, forgot about the Kids finale, although it looks like a lot of other people did, too. After that million viewer start, it fizzled down to a 395 finish. It didn’t help being opposite American Idol and the incredibly popular NCIS`s on Global, all way over 2 million viewers.

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