Two Hockey Fans To Beam Up –

BEVERLY HILLS, CA.–Do you believe in miracles? Joel Gretsch (right) probably does. Not just because he plays a priest on TV. He’s Father Jack on V, which returns with the first of eight new episodes March 30 on ABC (moving from CTV to A on the same date).
Gretsch joined cast members Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Scott Wolf, Logan Huffman and Morena Baccarin, along with Canadian cast member Laura Vandervoort (who plays Lisa) in round robin interview sessions with a posse of international reporters.
V shoots in Vancouver, so it is more than a cross town trip for this cast to promote this series. Like cast members from Fringe, Supernatural and Human Target, who were all also down in L.A. on this press tour, they all had stories about have to shoot around the recent Winter Olympic Games.
The intrusion was no hassle for Gretsch, who scored the ultimate Canadian fantasy–tickets to the Canada-USA Gold Medal hockey final. After the V session, he showed off his perfect view, captured on video on his iPhone. The centre ice level clip captured the crowd cheering prior to the opening face off. Gretsch panned around to show who he was sitting next to–Captain James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner!
The pairing was no accident. Shatner took part in the Games’ closing ceremonies a few hours later. He asked Gretsch to join him at the big game. And why not? Gretsch, who is married to Melanie Shatner, is Shatner’s son-in-law!

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