Survivor 20 Week 10: Jury Gains One Idiot –

If Bugs Bunny ever met J.T., he’d say, “What a ma-roon, What a gull-i-bull.”
The dumbass paid for his immunity idol giveaway last week, voted off Survivor at the first merged tribal council after Parvati saved Jerri’s MILF ass with the idol J.T. gave up the week before.
“I feel like a total idiot right now,” J.T. (above) said in the hilarious post-episode exit interview. Then, sounding even more like Goober’s nephew on Andy of Mayberry: “Don’t ever trust a woman. Ever, ever, ever.”
PREDICTION: Russell, Parvati and Jerri make the final four. At last January’s Survivor 10th anniversary CBS party, a network publicist stuck by Russell like NBC on Leno. Russell kept acting even weirder than usual, insisting the Heroes vs. Villains season hadn’t taped yet, which everybody in the room knew that it had. Jerri just kept saying that, after flaming out on the last Survivor she was involved with, she was really, really, really, really proud of herself on this one. And as we saw again Thursday night, Parvati is a diabolical witch who somehow has cast a spell on the rest of these dummies.
NEXT WEEK: We’re made to think that Sandra is going to bury Russell, a sure bet it will be the other way around.
UPDATE: Thanks to Survivor panelist Michael Bolen (below) for the heads up on this–villain Russell was just arrested for battery at a post party punch up according to the gossip hounds at

Amber Dowling (TV Guide Canada): “I always love the merge episodes — no matter what kind of alliances the players have going into it, expectations always shift by the time Jeff reads the final votes. Parvati pulled a brilliant move from her ragged old pouch last night, solidifying the villains as the game’s majority shareholders, and gaining trust from Jeri and Sandra, two former enemies. That will show those heroes for treating Parv like a leper, y’all.” Read the rest of Dowling’s recap here.

Michael Bolen (The National Post): “Parvati’s big move Thursday night certainly made for good TV, but was it good strategy? Giving an idol each to Jerri and Sandra ensured JT’s departure and the numerical advantage for the Villains, but that advantage seems relatively worthless in comparison to the security of two idols. After expertly sniffing out Amanda’s lie, Parv knew there was no chance she was going home; so why not let the vote come out in a tie?” Read the rest of Bolen’s latest recap here.

Kat Angus ( “I don’t think there is a man or woman, gay or straight, who is not a little attracted to Parvati right now. Say what you want about some of her past strategies – the giggling, the flirting – but her big move at tribal council was freaking Bad. Ass. Pulling not one but two immunity idols from her bag – and not even either of them on herself – was a massively risky move, but watching it pay off was one of the most satisfying moments of the season, if not the entire history of Survivor.” Follow the rest of Angus’ latest recap here.

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