Survivor 20 Week 11: Amanda Overboard –

“Amanda is Boston Rob in a girl’s body!” Russell declares at one point in Thursdays’ quietly intriguing hour. This, in his mind, was why she had to go. She’s too popular (had never been eliminated in two previous games), is plucky in challenges plus—unlike Rob–smoking hot in a bikini. She was even good natured and likable in her exit interview. She will clean up nice now and head to the jury.
She stuck her pretty neck out too far in her final hour, however, and that, as she pointed out, cost her. (Apparently she blew it in some clumsy immunity idol catfight with Danielle I missed because, well, hockey was on.) You can’t make that many mistakes and win, Amber concluded. Washington Capitals, take note.
The last half of the hour, executive producer Mark Burnett seemed to turn his show over to Michael Moore. This episode seemed less produced (and scripted), more fly-on-the-palm tree. The whole intrigue in both camps, with Russell, Sandra and Rupert in the go-to sound bites, was compelling. We got to be in on the scrums in a less stagy way. It was cool to see Russell whine about Candice breaking into his private pow-wows, to hear the whispers and read the subtitles. As Rupert observed, we got to see “three days of scrambling going on in three minutes.”
Jerri is quietly winning MILF immunity, bringing her A Game to all the challenges. Sandra keeps whinging and scheming and vote-switching and somehow staying in the game. We learned why at tribal council. As Russell suggested, she can’t beat you in a challenge and she can’t beat you in a vote, making her the one you want to sit next to at the final judgement.
NEXT WEEK: Villains implode and Penguins are forced to a seventh and deciding game.

Amber Dowling (TV Guide Canada): “I thought most men were genetically disposed to enjoy laying in bed watching two women wrestle each other, but it didn’t seem to phase Colby. The personality-free Survivor continued to eat his popcorn while Amanda and Danielle grappled for the hidden immunity clue during last night’s reward, proving his have no bravado or interest in staying in this game.
Unfortunately that’s exactly why he’ll be around a while longer.” Read the rest of Dowling’s recap here.

Michael Bolen (The National Post): “It was a bad week for Russ. Despite flashes of brilliance, his behaviour toward the women in the game grew increasingly erratic. He may have pulled off a coup by flipping Candice, but the reckless manner in which he did so, and the way he carelessly threw away his idol suggests a certain amount of emotional instability. You can see him hitting someone. And that’s why I like him.” Read the rest of Bolen’s recap here.

Jen McDonnell ( “The promos for this week’s episode made it seem like Russell was in danger of going home, which of course meant he was safe. Instead, he ended up miraculously finding yet another immunity idol and playing it, earning an eyeroll and a scolding from Parvati. (“You wasted one,” she pouted, apparently forgetting that she did the same thing just last week).” Follow the rest of McDonnell’s recap here.

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