Theory Proven Monday as Big Bang Soars –

The Big Bang Theory (featuring Johnny Galecki, right) climbed to nearly 2.5 million viewers in Canada Monday, firmly establishing itself as Canada’s most-watched comedy. An overnight, estimated 2,492,000 tuned in to the Chuck Lorre sitcom, its second-biggest audience ever according to a CTV release. That also made it the top show of the night in Canada, beating lead-in Two and a Half Men (2,229,000), CTV’s CSI: Miami at 10 (2,145,000) and a new (and strong) episode of Global’s House at 8 p.m. (2,130,000). Another 1,807,000 watched Dancing with the Stars Monday on A while Global’s 24 (1,195,000) had a typically arresting night as Jack Bauer nears the end of his final TV assignment.
Against such stiff import competition, the news was less impressive for the Canadian made comedies Monday night. CTV rookies Hiccups (772,000) and Dan For Mayor (567,000) continue to show declines while the season finale of CBC’s 18 to Life finished below its season average with an estimated 481,000 viewers. All these figures could change once PVR viewing and final totals are calculated.


  1. The Big Bang Theory is hot right now. I just hope it doesn’t run out of steam and end up one of those worn out shows in a few seasons from now.

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