Team Coco is coming to Team CTV.
TVFMF has learned that the Canadian rights to Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show, coming this November, have been acquired by the CTV Network.
Not known is which CTV property will get the show. O’Brien is scheduled to air at 11 p.m. Stateside, ruling out any kind of simulcast plan as part of the CTV schedule. The top-ranked CTV National News will not be moved from 11 p.m., and repeats of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report currently follow on the main network after midnight.
Daily and Colbert are top draws each night at 11 on CTV-owned The Comedy Network. The plan could be to follow those shows with the compatible Conan. Since TBS is not available on Canadian signal carriers, CTV couldn’t simulcast it if it wanted to and is presumably free to place it anywhere. That might be nightly over at their /A channels–perhaps even in prime time. /A currently offers news nightly at 11 and Jay Leno’s Tonight Show at 11:34. O’Brien won’t bump either of those properties, but could–ironically given the big Leno at 10 kerfuffle last season –lead into them. CTV also owns MuchMusic and last week asked the CRTC to soften up its music content restrictions (less videos, more movies), so, who knows.
CTV would not confirm or deny the Conan pickup today. They officially announce their fall schedules June 3 in Toronto.

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  1. MuchLessMusic, anyone? Seriously, this is getting like homeopathic medicine (oh, google it you lazy kids…).

    But, why stop at only one mere station? I’m sure there will be sports skits (hello, TSN!), animals (Animal Planet), and hey, TV is science, so it fits on Discovery too! Not to mention that Conan is a Star!, and he wears Fashion…hell, all Conan, all the time…

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