Scott Thompson at CHML Talk Radio reports that there are TV trucks all over the streets of Hamilton. That’s because the QEW commuterville offers better tax incentives than Toronto to producers scouting Ontario locations.
The sci-fi thriller Blood of Pegasus starring Nazneen Contractor and Rae Dawn Chong just wrapped there, and the sexy Showcase series Lost Girl is camped in Hamilton all summer. That steamy fantasy stars Anna Silk (who played Erica’s temptation last season on Being Erica) as as succubus “who feeds on the sexual energy of mortals.” Hello–I think I need to visit that set. Now Shannen Doherty, fresh from Dancing with the Stars, is coming to Steeltown to shoot Witchslayer, another Canwest/Syfy collaboration.
I also talk to Scott about the trip to Halifax to visit two others sets, the Showcase/Syfy series Haven and the new Trailer Park Boys series Drunk and on Drugs. As the critters used to say on The Flintstones, “It’s a living.” You can listen in here.

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