Once again, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks all the pertinent TV questions: Was Conan O’Brien as hurt as he looked over losing the Tonight Show gig in that interview with 60 Minutes Steve Kroft last Sunday ? (Answer: Yes–O’Brien is a stand up guy who got run over at one of the hottest corners in television.) Is the fallout from all of this going to cost Jay Leno? (Yes–Leno, who bombed at last weekend’s White House correspondent’s dinner, went from guy-next-door to rich bully who stole a show.) Is there too much media concentration in Canada now that Shaw has bought Global? (No–there already was way too much media concentration in Canada.) And, finally, what really happened to Global News anchor Kevin Newman? There’s something fishing about this whole Freedom 50 thing. I’m thinking we’ll get the real answer in the coming months. Listen in to me pretending to know all here.

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