Half Million Catch Hiccups, See Dan Exit

Hiccups and Dan For Mayor got a bit of a bump each for their season finales Monday night. Hiccups drew an overnight, estimated 498,000 viewers across Canada and Dan For Mayor (starring Fred Ewanuick, right) pulled 516,000. CTV plans to slide new TV Land pickup Hot in Cleveland into the Monday at 8 slot next… Read on

Remembering Gene Trindl

I made a mental note to mark Gene Trindl’s passing a few weeks ago and was shocked to discover six years had gone by already–I thought it was five. The man who shot more TV Guide covers than anybody else was 80 when he passed away June 29, 2004 from pancreatic cancer.Trindl was a gentleman… Read on

Rookie Blue Wins Night in Canada

Global’s long awaited cop show Rookie Blue (starring Missy Peregrym, left) blew out of the gate Thursday night, scoring an overnight estimated 1,811,000 viewers across Canada. That made it the No. 1 show in Canada on the night, beating lead-in Wipeout (1,271,000) and all comers on the other channels, including CTV’s timeslot rival So You… Read on

DVD Review: Leave it to Beaver

If you think Leave it to Beaver is just a stale slice of white bread from the middle of the last century, as Eddie Haskell would say, you’re dead wrong, Sam.On Tuesday, Shout! Factory releases Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series, a massive, seven volume, 37-disc DVD collection featuring all 234 episodes of the… Read on

Tonight: Rookie Blue Hits Streets of T.O.

Tonight at 9 p.m., Global launches its ABC co-pro, Rookie Blue. At one time called Copper, the shot-in-Toronto police drama stars young Canucks Missy Peregrym (Heroes, Reaper), Gregory Smith (Everwood), Enuka Okuma, Travis Miline and Charlotte Sullivan as new recruits thrown into the big city world of policing. If they were real cops they’d be… Read on

CTV Hot for Hot in Cleveland

CTV has made a move to cash in on all that Hot in Cleveland buzz. The comedy, which stars sitcom veterans Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendy Malick and red hot octogenarian Betty White, launched earlier this month to the biggest audience ever on the U.S. cable service TVLand, drawing 4.75 million viewers. CTV intends to… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: The Rise of Downfall

The show was called Downfall and it premiered Tuesday night on ABC and CTV. Downfall of Western civilization is more like it.The game show takes place on the roof of a Los Angeles office building. The studio audience, contestants and host Chris Jericho (right–appropriately enough from the WWE) are all up there. Down the middle… Read on

Season Four of Mad Men Starts July 25

Seems hard to believe that Man Men is already entering a fourth season. It begins July 25 with Don Draper (Jon Hamm) looking at a fresh start in the ad business as the AMC poster at left indicates. But will anybody pick Mad Men up again in Canada? CTV dropped it last year when their… Read on