Scott Thompson has to ask: “Why are the Canadian networks running down to the States and spending all this money again?” It is a question that just won’t go away after a week of American show previews during another round of Canadian private network upfront presentations. I try to answer, but Scott only has me on his CHML radio show for about five minutes, not five hours, and even then it might not be enough time. I offered one perspective in this piece I wrote this week for the Canadian Press, but it really is impossible to cover the upfronts and wrestle the whole Cancon quagmire to the ground in 700 words.
Scott also seemed intrigued about my post on the new Trailer Park Boys series Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour, which I wrote about here last week during my trip to the set in Halifax. Hey, it’s a Canadian show. Their old series is starting to get some traction off DirecTV in the States.
You can listen in here.

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