Jimmy Fallon: NBC’s Happy Ending in Late Night

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Jimmy Fallon says he learned a valuable lesson from Conan O’Brien’s bruising Tonight Temp experience. “Hosting Late Night,” he says, “is a one way ticket to NOT hosting the Tonight Show.”So true. Both of Fallon’s Late Night predecessors, David Letterman and O’Brien, sought and were ultimately denied the Tonight prize.Fallon was in L.A.… Read on

Dick Wolf no longer howling mad at NBC

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Hell hath no fury like a Dick Wolf scorned. The veteran executive producer really wanted to see Law & Order break Gunsmoke‘s longevity record and get picked up for a 21st season. It didn’t, Wolf barked, but had calmed down considerably by the time he met with critics Friday to promote his consolation… Read on

TCA 2010 Day Four: NBC gets past Tonight, looks to tomorrow

Photo by Chris Haston/NBC BEVERLY HILLS, CA– What a difference six months makes. When last we left press tour, in January, the NBC executive session was like stepping into a shark tank. Critics smelled blood, with NBC Universal chairman Jeff Gaspin and entertainment president Angela Bromstad dead in the water after the Leno at 10/Conan the… Read on

Conan on Ellen

Conan O’Brien’s twitter response to news Ellen DeGeneres is leaving American Idol: “Ellen has walked away from a television institution after one year, but ‘m sure it’s the right decision. Now, back to my model rocketry.”

Look! Up on the stage! It’s Tom Welling being hauled away by a publicist!!

Tom Welling at press tour BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Faster than a speeding bullet. That’s how fast Tom Welling was yanked off stage Thursday after The CW session for Hellcats. The 58-year-old actor is one of the executive producers of the new Glee rip-off cheerleader series, but is best known for playing Clark Kent on Smallville. That was… Read on

Dawg! DeGeneres Pulls Out of Idol

DeGeneres out: we hear Larry King is available BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Now we get why there are open notebooks and buzzing Blackberrys at all those press tour sessions. The most compelling news keeps happening outside the confines of the Beverly Hilton.Fox put out a release today announcing that Ellen DeGeneres (right) has stepped off the American Idol… Read on

Tom Selleck a Class Act at TCA

Tom Selleck (left) with Blue Bloods co-star Donnie Wahlberg BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Television is ever obsessed with youth. The emphasis is always on the pursuit of younger stars, younger viewers. Once you age outside the 18-49-year-old demo, aloha.So stop and think about this: the biggest star in the giant CBS press tour tent party Wednesday night turned 65… Read on