Emmy Embraces Glee, Modern Family

The Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning (for a complete list go here) and Glee is among the big winners so far. Maybe for the first half of the season, I’m thinking. If there was a category honoring shows that jumped the shark with blinding speed, Glee would vault to the top of that list, probably to the beat of Olivia Newton-John singing, “Physical.”
Other than that, good to see rookie shows Modern Family break though in comedy and The Good Wife in drama. John Lithgow (right with Michael C. Hall), they should give him the Emmy for that dark star turn on Dexter now. Curb deserves that shout out for those great Seinfeld reunion episodes this season. And lookit Martin Short snagging a dramatic Emmy nom for Damages.
And what about The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien–and not Jay Leno–picking up a nom? Should make for the moment of the night if Team Coco takes the stage to accept the Emmy in September.
Gary Doyle went over the Emmy list with me today on Waterloo’s 570News. I agree with Gary that Family man Ed O’Neill was an omission in the crowded comedy category but can’t say Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock was ripped off. And, yes, why didn’t Community get some attention? Listen here to the whole chit chat, although you’ll have to skip ahead to the half way point in the file to get to TV Boy.
The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air live on NBC/CTV Aug. 29. Jimmy Fallon is host.
For more critical perspective on the Emmy nominations, check out what the gang has to say today over at TV Worth Watching.

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