Back to the Chase –

BRAMPTON, ONT.–Been away so long, Brampton feels like the road to me.

Suitcase is barely unpacked and here I am loading up  again. Boarding a plane to New York Monday morning (courtesy Global airlines) with a set visit and interviews in the afternoon. It is the second season of The Good Wife, last season’s best new drama, and Julianna Margulies (left) is the star attraction. Margulies recently  won the Television Critics Association award for outstanding performance in a series. Way to go nurse Hathaway.
Hanging around mid-town Manhattan a few days after that to tail a few well-heeled real estate agents at the centre of a new series coming to HGTV Canada–Selling New York. These pros move only the most posh Manhattan penthouses. Have seen the first two episodes and looking forward to the kind of penthouse view Lisa Douglas used to adore on Green Acres. Hope I don’t catch ‘lergic smelling hay on the way back to Brampton.
He’s still Chevy Chase and you’re not
Meanwhile, my press tour feature on Chevy Chase moved the other day on the CP wire. Chase was at this impossibly crowded party Sony Television threw last week at the Beverly Hilton, in what used to be Trader Vics. They’ve ruined the place by taking out all the thatched huts and Tiki torches and rendering into one long dark cube. It was so dark in there I’m still not sure if it really was Matthew Perry I spoke with as I entered the room–I never did see his face. He seemed to know all about Perry’s new mid-season sitcom Mr Sunshine and also a lot about skating on the Rideau canal, so I’m guessing it really was Perry.
The party spilled into this tiny outdoor patio which was also crazy over crowded. Hollywood-based publicist Cynthia Snyder recognized me from way back in the day and asked if I’d like to speak with Chevy Chase. Now in his mid-sixties, white-haired Chase has found a third act in his career as part of the very funny ensemble on NBC’s Community. He’s more laid back and, frankly, likable then he was 17 years ago when that doomed Fox late night fiasco The Chevy Chase Show blew up in his face. Now he’s full of stories and happy to chat in any direction. Wished I could have spent more time with him, but here is the gist of the conversation as it appeared in my Canadian Press piece.

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