Fox’s new Will Arnett comedy Running Wilde running right out of Canada –

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Running Wilde has packed up and run right out of Vancouver.
The fall Fox sitcom reuniting Will Arnett with Arrested Development pals David Cross and executive producer Mitch Hurwitz began shooting in Vancouver last winter. Much of that pilot, which also stars Keri Russell, is being re-shot, and the entire production has moved to New York.
“My Cana-dar is going off–you’re Canadian, right?” Arnett said when I asked today about the move out of B.C. Hurwitz explained that they needed a rich, opulent setting for Arnett’s character, a zillionaire oil heir, and couldn’t find it in Vancouver. He liked Vancouver and praised the crews, pointing out the plane ride straight up the coast suited him fine. The fact the two main stars–Arnett and Russell–live in New York was a very likely a major factor in the move.
The pilot needs work anyway, as most critics have surmised. It was shot in a hurry (in order to get the right director) and the comedy tone seemed as wilde as the title. Hurwitz says he received some helpful notes from Fox programming boss Kevin Reilly and fans will now see a more grounded side of Arnett and Russell.
Parts have also been re-cast, with Cross coming in as Russell’s character’s fiancee. He was supposed to be in the original pilot, but got waylaid by a hurricane!
As for the perennial Arrested Development movie question, Hurwitz insists it will happen, it is being written and keep the faith. It will likely be a small film, shot in a 30-day window due to Jason Bateman and Michael Cera’s busy schedules. “Everybody wants to come back and play,” he said after the session.
He also joked he’d like to sneak Arrested Development actors one by one onto Running Wilde until, by the end of the season, even “Annyong” is on the new show.

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