BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy (right) says he has been approached by Fox to be a judge on American Idol.
The revelation came after the Glee press tour session Monday afternoon. Murphy was speaking to a circle of about a dozen reporters up on stage.
“I can’t talk about it,” Murphy quickly added. Fox executives earler Monday had gone to great lengths to dodge any details about a replacement for Ellen DeGeneres and other judging talent news.

Murphy also revealed that Internet sensation Susan Boyle will be part of Glee‘s Christmas episode this season. “She’s a fan,” he says, adding she won’t be singing “I Dreamed a Dream.” We’ve already done that.”

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is going to get even meaner in Season Two, he said. Murphy plans to turn down the song volume on the high school musical and spend more time with the core characters.

That includes Montreal-native Jessyln Gilsig, who splitt with Will (Matthew Morrison) last season.
“She decides she doesn’t want to be divorced,” says Murphy, “and goes after somebody who will really make Will jealous.”
Murphy told critics earlier he was shocked to receive a package from Paul McCartney containing a hand-written note and two CDs. They were McCartney’s suggestions for Beatle songs he’d like to hear on the show, including “Michelle.” McCartney, apparently, is a fan.
A big name music icon will be saluted on Glee immediately following the next Super Bowl broadcast. but Murphy insisted it won’t be the ex-Beatle.
Murphy has had one busy year. Besides visiting the White House and Oprah with the Glee cast, he just directed Julia Roberts in the feature “Eat, Pray, Love.” Roberts, he says, will not be guesting on Glee. “She’s too busy with her kids.”

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