Happy 95th birthday today to my dad, Prosper A. (“Ross”) Brioux. The Toronto native predates not only television but Betty White; he refers to her as “that kid.” Ross, who attended the very first Toronto  Maple Leafs game ever played at Maple Leaf Gardens (and is still bitter about the loss) saw the Leafs win the cup 11 times so far. He may have to live to 195 to see a 12th. He has never missed a broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada, which premiered in 1952.
Dad was born the year Birth of a Nation premiered. He’s still getting used to “talkies.” Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Quinn, Arthur Miller, Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Thomas Merton and 60 Minutes creator Fred Friendly were all also born in 1915.
Arthur Godfrey, Buddy Hackett, Chris Tucker, Fannie Flagg, James Colburn, Richard Basehart, Van Morrison and Richard Gere were all born on Aug. 31. See, there’s a TV tie-in to everything.
Ross can be seen around his Etobicoke neighbourhood sporting every TV network cap I give him. He is a walking TV billboard. Ross and Marg are both good with the fact PBS still carries Lawrence Welk.

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