Johnny, Ed and Frank

Okay, ignore that last post. My bad. It clearly states at the Gemini site that the list of the Top 25 shows as chosen by critics singles out Canadian television shows produced over the past 25 years. SCTV concluded its run in 1984, putting it just outside the reach of eligibility.
I guess I got fooled by the inclusion of The Friendly Giant, which ended in March of 1985, also more than 25 years ago but somehow close enough to make the list. You can look it up, look it waay up. Wayne & Shuster are also a strange addition to a list of the Top 25 Canadian TV shows of the past 25 years as their best work was in the ’50s and ’60s. (That Shakespearian baseball skit was performed on Ed Sullivan in 1958.) Their run of CBC specials did extend into 1985, so I guess they snuck under the wire. Still, Wayne & Shuster makes this list but Air Farce and Red Green do not? I’m confused.
Personally, I don’t like lists that have cut off dates. It should be all time best. You wouldn’t ask what was the best movie made after 1985 and pretend there never was a Citizen KaneGodfather or Casablanca.
Anyway, controversy is good, right? Makes you kinda want to go here and vote, right?

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