Just because I hate the Gemini Awards doesn’t mean you have too. In fact, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the awards, the producers of the annual Canadian TV industry salute have set up a site where you can vote on your all-time favourite Canadian TV shows.
Voters can choose from 25 shows chosen by “top critics from across the country.” Among the finalists:
 Slings & Arrows and The Friendly Giant which is exactly right, as is including Trailer Park Boys, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Corner Gas. The Beachcombers are represented, as are Wayne & Shuster. Da Vinci’s Inquest, Flashpoint, Kids in the Hall, yes, yes, yes.
Missing from the list is a little show called SCTV. WTF?? No SC effin’ TV??? The greatest television show this country ever produced?? The best TV comedy in the world ever??? No shout out for Three C P One? Battle of the PBS Network Stars? Hey Georgi?? Oh Geminis, Geminis, you are so incredibly wrong once again. There is no joy in Mellonville. Now I wish I had voted.
Being Erica is on the list of the greatest Canadian TV shows of all time, but not SCTV. Take my passport, burn the flag, kill me now.
Anyway, if you want to get in on the fun, or try to hack the site so SCTV can get the prize it deserves, go here. The main Gemini Awards gala airs Saturday November 13 on Global–where Canada’s greatest show, SCTV, began–and Showcase.

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