First, Bell buys CTV for $3.2 billion. Then, news breaks that CTV CEO Ivan Fecan is stepping down. Now the third sign of the apocalypse–the IFFU Billboard has come down. The half-block advertising display, which stands across the street from the John Street entrance to CBC’s corporate headquarter in Toronto, has long been a CTV thorn in CBC’s side. Giant colourful images of extremely successful CTV properties like So You Think You Can Dance Canada and American Idol have for years taunted CBC executives as they exited the building.
Fecan used to run CBC before he took on the mantle of CTV, so you can pretty much figure out what IFFU stands for.
Now, as a keen-eyed TVFMF reader reports, the CTV message has been papered over and the series of billboards carry images of new digital media products. Just like that.

The IFFU billboard in happier (for CTV) times

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