Surprises on the TVFMF World Tour

It has been an eye opener catching a few minutes of TV in hotel rooms in Buenos Aires and Budapest the past two weeks. Turned on the TV in Buenos Aires the first night and there was this young Argentinean—he looked to be their version of George Stroumboulopoulos but with fewer vowels–standing in Toronto’s Nathan… Read on

Evil lurks at Hungary’s House of Terror

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY–It was easy to spot Colm Feore’s Cesarean profile the other day, even far away on horseback on a rural Hungarian field. The actor was draped in a long black cloak and sitting tall in the saddle astride a horse for a battlefield scene for the upcoming CTV/Showtime series The Borgias. Feore plays relative good guy… Read on

The Borgias proves all the world’s a stage

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY–Came all the way to Hungary for a tour of ancient Rome.Francois Seguin, the production designer of the upcoming CTV/Showtime series The Borgias, gave a walking tour Friday of the impressive sets he has designed and supervised over the past six months. The Borgias, which stars Jeremy Irons as a scheming 15th century pontiff, is shot… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: World TV Tour hits Europe

TV Feeds My Family continues to span the globe to bring you the latest TV tales.  Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML wanted to know what the deal was with my frequent flyer frenzy. I bring him up to date on my recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Canwest–er, Shaw Media–flew a group of Canadian journalists… Read on

Canadian ratings numbers for the week

What were the top TV shows in Canada Oct. 18-24? Let’s take a look: Monday CTV’s two hour Dancing with the Stars (2,337,000), featuring Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, right, won its weekly head-to-head battle with Global’s House (2,150,000). This would not happen in Argentina, where Dr. House’s cranky mug is on walls, T-shirts and billboards everywhere.… Read on

This week’s Podcasts: LA set visits

With all this Globe hopping (barely back from Buenos Aires, today I’m off to Budapest), TVFMF is way behind in the podcast posting. Here are a couple of recent radio chats. First up is last week’s yakkity-yak with CHML’s Scott Thompson. We talk about the death of “Mr. C” Tom Bosley and my recent trip to… Read on

Tomb it may concern: change is Global

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA–A tour of the famed Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires brings tourists to the tomb of famed national heroine Evita Peron. A cemetery seems like an unlikely tourist attraction, but Ricoleta, which is mobbed by tourists on the weekends and ringed by colourful market stalls, is right up there with Tango shows and Gaucho… Read on