What were the top TV shows in Canada Oct. 18-24? Let’s take a look:


CTV’s two hour Dancing with the Stars (2,337,000), featuring Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, right, won its weekly head-to-head battle with Global’s House (2,150,000). This would not happen in Argentina, where Dr. House’s cranky mug is on walls, T-shirts and billboards everywhere. Brit Hugh Laurie goes to the trouble of pulling off the perfect American accent—only to be dubbed by some guy into Spanish.
Castle (1,744,000) is still a fortress at 10. Global rookie Hawaii FIVE-0 is holding steady at about 1.5 mil. Lie to Me pulled 1,150,000 at 9 on Global.
CBC skated away with just over a million Battle of the Blades results fans at 8 p.m. Men with Brooms swept up 301,000 at 8:30. Just Four Laughs did just under 400,000.


Global stormed back to take Tuesday night with back-to-back NCIS (2,233,000) followed by NCIS: Los Angeles (1,931,000). The Good Wife followed at 10 with 1,416,000. CTV stayed close with a Dancing with the Stars results show (1,780,000) plus top rookie No Ordinary Family (1,608,000). Another 1,357,000 stuck around for Law & Order: SVU.
CBC stayed competitive with nearly 1.1 mil in on the Rick Mercer Report. 22 Minutes did a strong 700,000 at 8:30, with The Tudors right behind at 650,000.



Prime time free-for-all Wednesday nights in Canada. CTV’s Criminal Minds continues to fascinate Canadians, nearly 2.5 million of them this week according to overnight estimates. That topped Global’s Survivor: Nicaragua (2,130,000).
CBC’s Dragon’s Den was the next most-watched show in Canada at close to 1.6 million. Close behind was CTV’s simulcast of the surprisingly strong Jim Belushi drama The Defenders. SYTYCDCanada did 1,136,000.
Citytv had a strong night with just under a million tuning in for Modern Family and another 717,000 checking out Cougar Town. A Vancouver-Chicago NHL tilt drew 858,000 over on TSN.
Also rans include Being Erica, being ignored on a new night (401,000 behind Dragon’s Den). Global’s two hour Canada’s Walk of Fame special did the exact same number as Erica according to the estimates.
CBC National News numbers, it should also be noted, are up this week. That creepy Col. Williams’ confession a factor? In any event, Mansbridge and Co. did 853,000 at 10 p.m. Wednesday. Combine the regular network and news network numbers Tuesday and CBC (+CBCNN) actually comes out on top overall over CTV (+CTVNC), with Peter (1,447,000) topping Lloyd (1,317,000).


Monster night for CTV: The Big Bang Theory (3,028,000), featuring Johnny Galecki and Kaley Culio, left, The Mentalist (2,613,000), Grey’s Anatomy (2,392,000), S#*! My Dad Says (1,987,000) and CSI (1,468,000). The CTV National News was boosted to over 1.5 million.
A Rangers-Toronto game drew 1.1 mil. On TSN.
Global got rattled with a rerun of Bones (931,000) topping The Apprentice, Outsourced and The Office, all in the 550-675,000 range. The Vampire Diaries drew 600,000 over to /A.
CBC did 660,000 with the Nature of Things and 332,000 with Doc Zone.


CTV ruled with Selleck cop caper Blue Bloods (1,769,000) followed by CSI: NY (1,666,000) and Medium (926,000). CBC was next with Ron James drawing 678,000 and the fifth estate 886,000. Global is getting killed on Fridays.


HNiC game #1 drew 1.4 mil.


The Amazing Race took the night with 2.7 mil+. Desperate Housewives was next with 1.5 mil+ CBC’s Battle of the Blades (1,429,000) topped the finale of SYTYCDCanada (1,148,000). Heartland galloped off with 875,000. That beat everything on Global Sunday night, including The Simpsons (756,000).

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