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Catching up on some numbers over the past week.
MONDAY saw Battle of the Blades slip below the million mark for the results show (an overnight, estimated 969,000) giving little lift to Men with Brooms, which continues to get swept aside against Monday competition (258,000). A new Just for Laughs drew 380,000.
House was No. 1 in Canada Monday with 2,132,000, followed by CTV’s Dancing with the Stars at 2,095,000. CTV took the 10 p.m. hour with Castle (1,648,000) topping Hawaii FIVE-0 (1,540,000).
TUESDAY Glee took the night with 2,247,000 viewers across Canada followed by a strong NCIS: Los Angeles on Global (1,925,000). CTV’s Dancing with the Stars was close behind with an overnight, estimated 1,842,000 viewers. CTV rookie import No Ordinary Family continues to impress drawing 1,553,000, besting CTV’s L&O:SVU (1,371,000) and Global’s Good Wife (1,338,000). City got 671,000 from How I Met Your Mother and over half a million for The Event.

CBC trailed Tuesday with close to a million for Rick Mercer Report and 400,000 for Being Erica.
WEDNESDAY saw CTV’s Criminal Minds (2,427,000) edge Global’s Survivor: Nicaragua (2,358,000) as the night’s top draw. CBC’s only million-plus effort for the week was Dragon’s Den, pulling 1,425,000. Surprisingly strong rookie The Defenders did 1,376,000 on CTV, with So You Think You Can Dance Canada getting 945,000 for a performance show. Citytv drew close to 900,000 for top comedy Modern FamilyThe Tudors was steady at 737,000. Shattered stayed shattered at 273,000 across Canada.
THURSDAY got off to a big bang for CTV, with The Big Bang Theory, second only to CTV’s Sunday airing of the Amazing Race for the week with 2,837,000 viewers. The rest of CTV’s powerhouse Thursday played out with CSI (1.5 mil.+), SYTYCD results (1,060,000), Grey’s Anatomy (2.35 mil.) and The Mentalist (2.54 mil) all strong.
Global drew a surprisingly strong 1.85 mil. opposite Big Bang with Bones. The Office and Outsourced did under 600,000. City saw 579,000 check out that live episode of 30 Rock, with another 634,000 in for Fringe. CBC stayed competitive with unscripted Nature of Things (590,000) and Doc Zone (625,000).
FRIDAY saw Blue Bloods continue as the season’s strongest rookie, with 1,937,000 tuning in to the Tom Selleck drama on a Friday night. CSI: New York did 1.8 mil.+ and Medium did over a million. CBC saw Ron James pick up 559,000 viewers with fifth estate in at 407,000. Global’s top prime time Friday night show was the already cancelled Jimmy Smits law drama Outlaw (400,000).
The Leafs were the big draw Friday on Rogers Sportsnet, with 920,000 tuning in for the game against the New York Rangers. It was Sportsnet’s biggest regional hockey audience ever.
SATURDAY saw declines for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, which drew 1.34 mil for the first game and 1.1 mil. for the second.
SUNDAY CTV won the week with The Amazing Race (2.99 mil.) and solid outings from CSI: Miami (2.17 mil.) and Desperate Housewives (2 million). Battle of the Blades drew 1.414,000, with CBC’s Heartland robust at close to a million viewers. That beat everything on Global Sunday, including The Simpsons (716,000) and Brothers & Sisters (649,000).

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  1. FYI update: I switched to an antenna that connects via the cable port than the traditional UHF feed. Am now able to continue watching Smallville. 🙂
    That had, IMHO, one of the show’s greatest episodes last Friday! And this being its 10th and final full broadcast season.

    Pre-favourite newcomer Five-O has unfortunately shifted from a fun co-buddies led Wings inspiration into a James Woods’ Shark imitation. Too much of the young female at home boredom vs. actual cop show crime drama. I just couldn’t stick with it past the quarter hour mark this week.

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