Wednesday numbers (overnight estimates): Dragon’s Den topped 1.5 million, SYTYCDC just under a million, The Tudors 828,000, Shattered 284,000.
CTV’s Criminal Minds (over 2.4 million) topped Global’s Survivor Nicaragua (2.25 million) although Survivor won the night in the 18-49-year-old demo. Citytv’s Modern Family (956,000) is sticking close to a million-a-week clip.  The Defenders (1,444,000) seems entrenched at 10 on CTV. Law & Order: LA did 588,000 on /A.
Doc Halliday’s no hitter in Philly drew 378,000 on Sportsnet; the Yankee playoff opener drew even better at 465,000.
Stroumboulopoulopouloppallalooza did 129,000 on CBC at 11, which outdrew the second season premiere of That’s So Weird at 6:30 on YTV. Those tweaked PPM’s ain’t the ratings ‘roids they were last fall.

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  1. Thank you!

    About the Shattered ratings – do you know what exactly is measured? As they show it like three times, don’t they? I really hope the numbers will get better.

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