TV Feeds My Family continues to span the globe to bring you the latest TV tales.  Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML wanted to know what the deal was with my frequent flyer frenzy. I bring him up to date on my recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Canwest–er, Shaw Media–flew a group of Canadian journalists down to the set of their upcoming stunt reality series Wipeout Canada. The series will premiere on TVTropolis sometime this spring.

No, I didn’t get to run through the bright blue and red obstacle course. That kind of abuse was too good for TV critics, the network decided.

It was pretty cool to see the enormous outdoor track lit up and put into play as four Canadians from the upcoming 13-episode season ran the final leg. The team I saw was split into Canadians from East and West, with cowboy hats and rain slickers on the usual suspects. Have to say the participants bonded like crazy, and so did the journalists who made the trek south.
The obstacle course I did run Sunday in Buenos Aires was the San Telmo antique market. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with San Temo’s Fire. The goodies stretch over blocks upon blocks of cobble stone streets. Spotted this life size Charlie Chaplin statue (right) outside a jam-packed camera shop about halfway down the market area. The dude inside even had a little homage to Laurel & Hardy in the window, as well as a few 16mm prints. My kinda joint. Check here for more photos of the San Telmo market.
Scott also wanted to know what brings me this week half way around the world to Budapest, Hungary. Fair enough question. This time, CTV are the hosts of set visits to their co-production with Showtime, The Borgias. A big battle scene between the French and Italian army was being shot this week on a hillside far from any tall buildings or other modern skyline intrusions. Jeremy Irons plays the scheming Pope at the centre of this 13th century tale, which is budgeted somewhere between US$38 and $45 million. Several Canadians, including Colm Feore and young Montreal native Francois Arnaud, have key roles in the international cast. Canadian Jeremy Podeswa, who proved he could keep order with a cast of thousands on The Pacific, was directing the episode in production this week.
A field full of sword-wielding Hungarian extras donned fake armor and leggings for the war games. I managed to gouge the eye out of one of them, but he seems to have the upper hand in the photo to the left. Fortunately, I had my trusty sword repelling Ice Pilots NWT hat on. Buddy will be joined by thousands more in post-edit CGI effects.

Told Scott The Borgias, which is being produced by Neil Jordan, will also likely premiere in April or May. You can listen to the rest of our conversation here, but warning–I sound tired.

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