Ratings across Canada Nov. 1-7

The Big Bang Theory still tops in Canada
Plenty o’ reruns heading into the November sweeps impacted the weekly hits and misses. Here’s a day-by-day run down of how shows fared across Canada this past week according to overnight 2+ estimates:

A two hour Dancing with the Stars waltzed off with the top show of the night title with close to 2.3 million viewers on CTV. That was followed by another strong outing for Castle at 1,922,000 viewers.
Global’s Hawaii FIVE-0 was next with 1,561,000 viewers. CBC charted with their Battle of the Blades results show, drawing over a million.
Once again, this gave no lift to DOA CBC sitcom Men with Brooms, which swept up 327,000 viewers. Just Four Laughs did 258,000.
Another week without a new episode of House gave Global a fever. The two hour substitute Women of SNL special did 543,000.
Plenty of viewers switched over to /A; channel for Two and a Half Men (1,153,000) and new comedy Mike & Molly (667,000). Citytv was also a playa Monday with nearly 800,000 tuning in for How I Met Your Mother and another 659,000 for Rules of Engagement. A further 668,000 steered over to Discovery Monday for Canada’s Worst Driver.


CTV scored again with the Dancing with the Stars results show (1,865,000). L&O:SVU got close to 1.5 million. Global’s top show was NCIS: LA at 1,339,000. Reruns of Glee (917,000) and Bones (833,000) kept the lights on.
Too bad CBC was also in rerun mode for Rick Mercer Report (700,000) and 22 Minutes (411,000). The Tudors drew a steady 705,000. Citytv gained close to 600,000 for The Biggest Loser.
Sportsnet scored 672,000 Leaf/Senators fans. Pawn Stars (549,000) and American Pickers (542,000) were big draws over at History.


Here they are the top 5 draws on the night in order: Criminal Minds (2,770,000), Survivor: Nicaragua (2,352,000), Dragon’s Den (1,791,000), L&O:LA (1,720,000) and The Defenders (1,237,000). Being Erica (372,000) draws about half what Ron James gets on a Friday despite 20 times the promotional budget. Shattered fell to 245,000.
City, on the other hand, pulled 865,000 for a Modern Family rerun. Cougar Town likewise scored 630,000.
Leaf Nation was over at TSN, where 1,029,000 watched a Toronto/Washington tilt.


The Big Bang Theory continues to takeout all competition in Canada, exploding for over 3.4 million viewers Thursday night on CTV. It sparked another monster night for the network, with The Mentalist (over 2.7 million), Grey’s Anatomy (2,672,000) and top-rated rookie S#*! My Dad Says (2,438,000) all once again among the top-rated Canadian shows for the week.
Global’s Bones managed 1,449,000. CTV’s early CSI got 1,316,000. Global comedy imports The Office (870,000) and Outsourced (676,000) did about average. The Apprentice drew a shade under 700,000.
CBC’s unscripted duo The Nature of Things and Doc Zone played under the half million mark.


Nobody’s home? Tell CTV, which owns the night with CSI: NY (1,841,000), Blue Bloods (1,602,000) and Medium (1,089,000). CBC got 546,000 out of Ron James plus 472,000 from fifth estate. Global also airs shows on Fridays.


Hockey Night in Canada’s first game drew a hefty 2,047,000. Global’s SNL was under a half million.
No surprises. CTV continues to run The Amazing Race to the top of the night with 2,674,000 overnight, estimated viewers. Next comes Desperate Housewives (2,059,000) and CSI: Miami (1,783,000).
Top Canadian show is CBC’s Battle of the Blades with 1,619,000 followed by steady Heartland at 853,000. That new makeover deal All for One got 526,000.
Global enjoyed a big boost from the annual Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode, scaring up 1,634,000 viewers. Family Guy did 1,221,000. CTV pulls a strong 1.45 mil at 7 with Undercover Boss. Bros & Sis did 710,000.

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